Things that you wear on your feet

Gender Neutral Shoes, Boots and Socks

When it comes to putting together the perfect outfit, gender neutral shoes and socks are often an overlooked part of an ensemble. But at The Discriminant, we know that every item of clothing is an opportunity to express yourself. We believe the details of an outfit make it fun, fresh, and uniquely you. That’s why we offer gender neutral shoes, boots, and socks unlike any you’ve seen elsewhere.

Our gender neutral socks come in fun patterns like clouds and rainbows or Mario Kart throwback characters. You can even go classical by adorning your toes with Mona Lisa herself. Release your inner child or add a fun pop of color to your otherwise traditional attire for the office or classroom. Our gender neutral boots and shoes really make a statement, with styles like light-up soles, gold high top sneakers, and camo pattern shoes.

But even we might not be able to capture your unique identity 100%. That’s why we carry design-your-own sneakers so you can be sure to have something completely all your own. After all, who can do you except you?

The Discriminant strives to offer high quality clothing free of unnecessary labels and categories. We believe people should be able to find their style and reflect their personality without worrying about gender. Our products are made in the USA and support a good cause: we donate $1 from every purchase to help prevent suicide among LGBTQ+ youth. Shop our site today to find the perfect style for you.