Choosing Your Chest Binder

For Your First Chest Binder

The Goshton is a great pick for those who have never used a binder before. It’s immense adjustability allows you to find the right fit as you grow accustomed to wearing chest binders.

For Versatile Use

If you only buy one chest binder, choose The Ace as it is made to be more of a hybrid option. It is breathable and will dry quickly, like Alec, and it is easily adjustable, though it does not come in as many sizes as the Goshton. Other options will work best for specific situations, but The Ace is the most versatile.

For Those With Large Chests

The Goshton works well for those with larger chests. It’s highly adjustable, and it is our only binder that comes in sizes larger than 2XL.

For Active Wearers

If you are generally an active person, The Alec, a pullover chest binder, is an excellent choice as it is comfortable, breathable, and more similar to a sports bra than our other selections.

For Water-Based Activities

For swimming and other water-based activities, go with The Cey. It is a pullover made from a fast-drying material. You can adjust The Cey with velcro, and it includes optional bottoms.

This is for being in water, not swimming as an exercise. Do not exercise in any binder. See below for more information. 

Binder Safety Information

At The Discriminant, we make sure to provide the best binders you can find on the market. However, it is important to note that wearing chest binders comes with inherent health risks. You can mitigate some of these risks by wearing the correct size of binder and avoiding wearing the binder for long periods of time. This is especially true during bouts of physical activity.

Pay careful attention to the size charts provided with each product. If you fall between sizes, choose the larger of the two. You can contact us with your measurements if you’d like assistance in choosing the correct size.

Never perform any exercises that cause a high heart rate or heavy breathing. Any reference to 'active' is considering you spend time outside, walking, or engaging in any low stress activities. Do not lift heavy weights and avoid heavily engaging any muscles covered under the binder. We do not recommend exercising.

If you ever experience discomfort or pain due to wearing a chest binder, discontinue use right away and contact us.

Chest Binder FAQs

Q: Which binder do you recommend for a first binder?

A: We would recommend The Goshton. It is a great first binder as it is adjustable. This allows for the greatest flexibility in fit and to get used to wearing a binder.

Q: Which binder do you recommend wearing if I'm very active throughout the day?

A: For most active people we would recommend The Alec. It flattens but is still comfortable and most like a sports bra. It is a pullover binder that is comfortable and breathable. For water based activities (but not swimming as a form of exercise), use The Cey. It is also a pullover but has fast drying material that is meant for swimming. It also adjustable by Velcro and comes has optional bottoms included.

Q: Which binder do you recommend for larger chests?

A: For larger chests we recommend The Goston. It is our only binder that has sizes above 2XL. It is also adjustable, allowing you to easily change the fit to accommodate for larger chests.

Q: Are your chest binders safe/good?

A: Our binders are the best on the market. However, medically speaking, there is no such thing as a safe binder. Chest binding is a practice that has health risks. However, these risks can be reduced by ensuring that you order the appropriate size binder and not wearing it for a long duration of time - especially during physical activity. We provide measurement charts in the item description of each binder as reference to assist with size selection. We recommend going a size up if you are close or between sizes. You can also contact us with your measurements and we can assist you in selecting a size.

Q: I have a versatile lifestyle, which is your most versatile binder?

A: The Ace is the best all around hybrid binder. While specific binders are best at specific things, if you can only buy one binder then we recommend The Ace. While it lacks the sizing options of The Goshton, the wearer is still able to comfortably adjust the bind. It is also breathable with fast drying fabric like the Alec.

Still have a question? Send an email to and we'll do our best to help you out!