Top 6 Gender Neutral Halloween Costumes

Over the years we have seen Halloween costumes become more and more sexualized. A man would wear the traditional costume while the woman would slip into something with a little less material. While gender-neutral clothing is becoming a much more significant trend in the year 2018, it’s no surprise that gender-neutral Halloween costumes are becoming more popular for Halloween. Despite the sexualizing of Halloween costumes we are so used to seeing, a lot of cult classic getups are gender neutral in common nature. If you need some help picking out the perfect gender neutral Halloween costume, we have put together the top 6 for you:

Police Officer

A  costume that has been around for decades, the police officer uniform is a very gender neutral costume. Despite the sexy officer costumes that are so frequently seen, police officers in real life all dress in the same attire for work, no matter their sex. This is why dressing up as a police officer in regular uniform attire is the perfect gender neutral costume this year.


One of the more popular costumes in recent years due to blockbuster movies and popular television series, a pirate outfit is an easy costume that is also gender neutral. All it takes is a loose peasant top, some worn out pants, black boots, and the traditional pirate hat and eye patch. With these few items pulled together, you are the perfect pirate. This costume is completely gender neutral.


Another favorite costume that is always a big hit for Halloween, the doctor getup is another costume that is easy to be gender neutral. This is also another costume that is commonly sexualized, but it is becoming more and more gender neutral by the acceptance of traditional uniform seen in both male and female doctors. Pull together some scrubs and a stethoscope, and you are the perfect doctor this Halloween.


A traditional vampire costume is something you are always sure to see on Halloween. The traditional cape and fangs are the common costume components, making this costume a perfect gender neutral costume.  It is another one of the more simple gender-neutral costumes that are a classic hit.


To be the perfect skeleton all you need is some excellent face paint. This is one of the most comfortable gender-neutral costumes and perfect to try no matter whom you are. All it takes is some face makeup, a black outfit or bone designed bodysuit, and you are ready to rock Halloween.

Construction Worker

A surprisingly favorite costume that is becoming more common in recent years, the construction worker costume is another easy gender-neutral costume to try this Halloween. Slip on some old jeans, a safety vest, a hard hat, and some safety goggles, and you are the perfect construction worker.

We think these six costumes are classic and can easily be used for both genders no matter who you are!  Gender neutral costumes are very simple to accomplish just by accepting the traditional uniforms or looks given for each costume.  Use these tips to rock your Halloween in the perfect gender neutral attire.

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