The Guy With An Ovarian Disease - By Lykos Blood

I came out to my parents in late April, and in September, I came out publicly. Everything was great. My friends started calling me by my preferred name and male pronouns, and I had previously been homeschooled due to depression and anxiety and was allowed to head back to school in the new year as a public school student. Life seemed great.

Fast forward a month into my first year back at school and you’d see that things started to go wrong, I was experiencing extreme pain - worse than ever - and I ended up being hospitalised and put on morphine just to be able to sleep at night. The hospital had no idea what was wrong. They performed blood test after blood test and took urine samples, checking to see if it was something I ate. I underwent an ultrasound and a CT scan and spent 5 days in the hospital before I was sent home. They still had NO Idea what was wrong.

A month went by, and the pain was still coming back. I was in and out of the ER constantly, and no answers were given. Eventually, my doctor said she had an idea on what it could be, as did the hospital. The hospital had sent my doctor a letter saying it was looking like I could have Endometriosis. This is a disease of the Ovaries which would cause extreme pain during my cycle. At this point I was taking Testosterone, so, to my family, it seemed impossible that this would be what was wrong. Nevertheless, I was referred to the Gynecologist department in my local hospital. Four months passed, and things were okay. My “time of the month” hadn’t come for around a month and a half, and my mum called up and cancelled the gynecologist appointment because all seemed fine. BIG MISTAKE.

The following month was a spiral downhill into transmale hell. My period had returned, and for the first time ever, it was regular. Every month we went back to my doctors who sent another referral to the gyne team to speed up the cancelled appointment - rescheduling what we had called in. Eventually we met with the gynecologist. By this point, this whole problem had been going on for 8 months with an additional history of on-and-off abdominal pain which had been manifesting since I was ten years old. The gynecologist said he didn’t think it was an ovarian issue and wanted to send me back to the general surgical ward which was where I was located while I was initially hospitalised. He followed this up by saying, “I’ve never dealt with a transgender patient before, and I don’t really know how it all works, so I do not want to deal with you.” With that, we went home.

Not even a month later, my “time of the month” hit again, and I ended up hospitalised again, still in the general surgery wing. They did every test they could think of, and nothing came up. After 5 days, I was sent home again with yet another referral to the gynecologist. Everyone but that one Gynecologist had said it was very likely to be endometriosis since it falls in time with my cycle.

To this day, it has been 9 months since this started, and I still have not had it diagnosed. I have yet to see that Gynecologist again about having a laparoscopy to see if it really is Endometriosis so that it can finally be diagnosed. The last 9 months have been literal hell for my mental state and physical presence. I spend 3 weeks of every month in agonising pain with no real answer as to why. But, the support I have been shown by my family and friends has been amazing. My best friend came and visited me every day when I was in the hospital, despite it being a 30 minute drive from the town we lived in. My dad stayed as late as he could, and took time off work. My mum was also constantly supportive, and my friends kept me in a positive mindset about my future. I could not have asked for better people in my life right now.


- Lykos Blood

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