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I’m sorry in advance as this post may be lengthier to read than our usual ones. A while ago a negative and entirely false post that started circulating social media caught our attention. At first, we assumed people weren’t gullible enough to believe a list of blatant lies, so we left it alone. We never wish to come off contentious towards another’s opinion, even if they are based on lies. However, we’ve had a few people contact us with questions about this post or spam our post comments referring back to this post. Because of this, we want to run through the points made in the negative post and give offer some corrections.

I’ll start off by saying that the person who originally wrote this post has not used our binders. That should give you a good idea about the validity of what’s written.

We do not block customers who raise any concern with our binders. We take your health VERY seriously. If a CUSTOMER raises a concern, we follow up to gauge the validity and make the corrections necessary to provide ultimate customer satisfaction and safety. We don’t block people without reason, and we don’t block people from saying negative things about our products. If you don’t believe this, get on the reviews for our binders. There are both positive AND negative reviews, but even the negative reviews do not mention our binders causing harm.

We DO, however, delete comments that harass others or are written by people who have never used our products but insist on degrading them. In these cases, we always try to message the person complaining to see if they have or have not used our product before deleting their comment. If they haven’t used our product but insist on spamming our comments with negative things, we consider this the equivalent of leaving a product review for an item you have never used, and therefore is considered defamation and isn’t an honest opinion on whether or not a product will help someone. Even when someone violates this rule, we have a 3 strikes you’re out policy. These types of comments will be deleted a few times before we take action to block the offender. If you have some specific questions about a product, try DMs, emails, etc. to voice your concerns. This way, we are more likely to notice your message and we are always willing to take action. 

Now let’s address their concerns point by point:

1. “those should straps offer no support.”

I’m really not even sure where to start with this one. It’s so blatantly false that I can’t help but laugh. I do realize though, that people who have never even seen our binders may take this to be true. All of our binders have support straps and most are formed from a “tank top” support system. This means they WILL ALWAYS stay in place as there’s no way for them to slide down (unless this person is cutting off the shoulder straps?)



All I can really say to this one is: OF COURSE!!! You should NEVER exercise in a binder! That’s dangerous!! Here’s a small exert from our binder safety page (a link that can be found under any binder we sell as well as the footer of our website, link HERE):

“At The Discriminant, we make sure to provide the best binders you can find on the market. However, it is important to note that wearing chest binders comes with inherent health risks. You can mitigate some of these risks by wearing the correct size of binder and avoiding wearing the binder for long periods of time. This is especially true during bouts of physical activity.

Pay careful attention to the size charts provided with each product. If you fall between sizes, choose the larger of the two. You can contact us with your measurements if you’d like assistance in choosing the correct size. 
Never perform any exercises that cause a high heart rate or heavy breathing… Do not lift heavy weights and avoid heavily engaging any muscles covered under the binder. We do not recommend exercising.

If you ever experience discomfort or pain due to wearing a chest binder, discontinue use right away and contact us.”

As you can see, we DO NOT encourage our customers to exercise while wearing a binder. We clearly identify acceptable activity levels while can be performed while wearing binders, but this DOES NOT include exercising heavily. Additionally, we clearly emphasize that those experiencing any discomfort or pain at ANY TIME discontinue use and contact us for support.


3. “Never wear a binder with clasps.”

Whether or not your binder has clasps is a matter of preference. Where you place the elastic, what materials you use between the points of closing, and correct sizing matter more than whether or not a binder uses claps, zippers, or is sewn shut.

The original author of this post may have seen binders on the market that cause these injuries and also happen to use clasps. It may be that there are binders on the market that cause these issues but do not use clasps. Again, I’ll say that the person who wrote this post has never used our binders. It’s like someone drove a 1990 Geo Metro (Google it if you don’t know what that is) and hated their experience. They then started telling everyone that BMWs are worthless. Even though they are both cars, having a bad experience with one does not mean an experience with the other will be the same. Not all binders are created equally! 

If simply using clasps was so dangerous, wouldn’t anyone wearing a bra or sports bra (with clasps) be experiencing the same issues? No! Because the materials material for these items is shaped for comfort and wearability, just as we do with our binders. My point, is that simply saying clasps are dangerous does not make it so. I’ll also point out that we have not had a SINGLE COMPLAINT FROM AN ACTUAL CUSTOMER that our binders are causing these issues. The only complaints that we’re getting are from people that have never used our binder, but read this post and start spamming our comments that “The Discriminant binders are unsafe!” Speak to someone that has used our binder before you decide to believe someone that hasn’t.

I’ll add one last thing. When I say that not a single customer has contacted us with issues of harm, I’m not trying to say that there isn’t a case of this out there. I’m very open to the possibility that maybe someone had a bad experience with our binder, but for whatever reason has not contacted us. If we’re not being contacted then we go on with the assumption that no one is being harmed. So, if you are a customer that has an issue with our binder, PLEASE LET US KNOW! The last thing we EVER want to do is harm someone. If you got the wrong size, TELL US! We offer free exchanges and free returns for all our products. If at ANY point your binder is causing you pain, discontinue use IMMEDIATELY and CONTACT US. We’ll refund your purchase no matter how long ago you bought it.


But, in regards to the post in question, we still HAVE NOT heard of any case from an actual customer.


If you still want to believe this post and seriously think we would ever knowingly cause someone harm, that is your right. However, we want our page to be a safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community. It cannot be this way if people are spreading ungrounded accusations that their clothing of choice is unsafe. If you don’t like what we post or disagree with us, please unfollow us. It won’t hurt our feelings too much.

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