Coming Out
- By Sun

It all kind of started when my friends and I were at the park, and some kids started saying things about the music we were playing. The song was “A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son,” by Sleeping with Sirens, and we could all relate and were kind of in our feelings. Anyway, these kids said things to us, and we said things back to them. Then, we proceeded to leave and walk back to my house. One of my friends was already out as bisexual, but the other wasn’t and she started crying. We all got to talking, and I told them I was polysexual. That’s how I came out to my friends.

When I came out to my mom though, I was kinda pushed to do so because my sister would always say I was “gay because I’ve never dated a day in my life or talked about relationships.” So, we were in my mom’s room, and she kept going at it and said some insulting things. I was already mad because my mom said that she had thought my brother was gay, and that if that was the case, she would send him off to gay camp. After all of that, I decided to come clean and said, “Yeah, fine; you got me. I like girls, but not just girls; I’m polysexual, which means I like more than one gender.”

Now I had to explain it to them and everything, but I thought they would at least stop saying horrible remarks around me. They didn’t though, and it’s just the usual stereotypical “gay” things like asking if I’m going to shave my head, or if I’m “gonna be the man in the relationship.” Once my sister even told me it was “never too late to change back to straight” because I hadn’t really told anybody.

I guess she couldn’t understand that it didn’t matter if I had told anybody or not. I’d already told myself, and I finally listened.

 - Sun

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