A Friendly Reminder - By Taylor H

Hello lovely people! This is a little article to help you deal with labels.

Labels can be the worst/best thing for you. Labels can make it easier to identify yourself and give a sense of validity, but labels can also be very stressful. Finding the right label can be stressful and might make you feel upset or confused.

You do not need to use labels. Now, there’s nothing wrong with labels, but you don’t need to use them to identify yourself. You are valid no matter what label you decide, or even if you use no label at all.

I have dealt with the stress and confusion that came with finding a label with my gender identity. What I have learned is to not rush to label yourself. There is no rush to label yourself and actually no need to label yourself.

Embrace your feelings and focus on those. But remember: you do not have the obligation to label yourself. You can play around with labels too, that’s perfectly okay.

Either way, you are valid and loved.

- Taylor H

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